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Outdoor Fitness Classes in Edinburgh that are NOT IN A TRADITIONAL BOOTCAMP STYLE.

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

To me word BOOTCAMP conjures up images of getting shouted at and getting muddy! While this style of exercise might appeal to some, it is not the type of product I deliver.

Running may be popular, but I don't structure it into my sessions. My participants will definitely agree that sessions can still be very demanding, without adding this type of training. Running can be amazing but in my experience, people attending my classes, who like to run, are happy to run by themselves, with friends, or seek out a more specialised coach / group. This allows me to stick to what I do best and spend our time getting the benefits of strength training.

My interests lie in motivating, inspiring and coaching those from a wide selection of age groups and abilities to move better. In many cases move better AND move more often. The aim of moving better requires a focus learning to perform exercises in the best form possible. This definitely pays off in the long term and can improve your strength and body composition.

Sure the TRX is a cool product, but its power lies in the knowledge of the user and ultimately the coach. This is where TRX course education and the Instructors experience comes in. Having been in fitness for nearly 20 years, completing multiple TRX education courses and using it with clients / myself for 100s of hours, I feel I can really help people get the most from it.

Quality coaching follows a systemised approach which is based around mastering key movements. It's not just a random selection of exercises to get a sweat. Programming is carefully planned. Alternatives, regressions and progressions are also taken into account tl get the best from each individual. I guess that's why I limit it to 8 people max in each session.

Some of my participants work around physical limitations and old injuries. I'm not sure they would get the best from themselves at a bootcamp.

I don't shout when coaching, it's not my approach. Class locations are chosen usually where there is some kind of shelter and we try to avoid the mud. With small group size you get more attention and a warmer welcome.

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