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21+ Years Working as Fitness Class Instructor and Personal Trainer In Edinburgh

After about 8 years in Hotel and Catering, I ended up a Bar Manager. In the process, I found myself overweight, unfit and unhappy.

I started riding a BMX bike to work just because I fancied it and started to feel a little fitter. One of the regulars in the bar was a Fitness Trainer in the Balmoral Hotel gym. He convinced me to start training with him.

As I noticed small changes in how I looked and felt I was motivated to keep it up. It was a transformation for me.

After feeling the bar trade was not for me and a period working in security, I felt lacking in purpose.

The area in my life that I felt good about was my fitness. So after making the brave decision to do a Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy, then completing the course, I found myself working as a Gym Instructor.

To be honest, some of it from there was luck. Luck that I loved helping people. Luck that I was forced out of my comfort zone to teach Spinning and Circuits classes as part of my job.

In teaching classes over many years, my confidence really grew. I thrived in the environment.

I loved, and still love learning and growing. Attending courses that interest me, really give me a fire in my belly.

Finding systems to get clients to connect with their bodies, move better and move often has been brilliant in getting way better results for them. How I feel about my job seems to improve them more I learn, test on myself and experience with clients. I think the main thing that keeps me in the industry is seeing the reward clients get both in the moment of a session in feeling great and the longer term of getting results.

Most importantly, I'm still here and I'm in demand as I love sharing fun, laughter, while enjoying the journey and still getting results!

Moving to 90% outdoors only, gave me a feeling of freedom and the majority of my clients loved it too.


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