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TRX Classes take place in:
King George V Park, Cannonmills
Towerbank Park on Portobello Prom
Blackford Pond
Ravelston Park, Blackhall

Mondays - 0710 - Blackford Pond - TRX Strong
Mondays - 1800 - King George V Park - TRX Strong

Wednesdays - 1200 - Ravelston Park - TRX Strong

Fridays - 1000 - Blackford Pond -TRX Strong

Saturdays -0910 - Portobello - TRX Strong
Saturdays -1100 - King George V Park - TRX Strong

TRX Strong - A full body workout to build muscle, strengthen your core and increase your flexibility.

All classes are 60mins and cost £10.
The price will increase to £12 from 1/1/25.

You can find the TRX Edinburgh Facebook page here

Our Booking app is Spond

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King George V


Ravelston Park:

TRX Class in Inverleith Park Edinburgh



  • TRX Suspension Training burns fat, improves heart health, and develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

  • The TRX Suspension Trainer uses gravity and the user’s body weight

  • to complete 100s of exercises.

  • Classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners and often also those working around injuries

  • People are amazed how much work we get done!

  • We work together as a Team.

  • Motivating & inspiring coaching along with intelligent programming. 

  • Personal attention and a welcoming atmosphere, the small group is great.

  • We escape the gym, getting fresh air in great Edinburgh locations.

  • If the weather is wet, some locations may have shelter, the best is Portobello. There is no shelter in Ravelston Park.

Outdoor TRX Class Edinburgh


Book into any session and send a message if you have any questions.

Some clients prefer to build a little more confidence / skill / base fitness before coming to class, in which case personal training sessions, either as a one off, or a block, are recommended.

Private TRX Group Sessions are also available. No extra cost above personal training rate for up to 3 people, so you could have your own private class for only £40. Larger groups of up to 12 people, price on request.

Rachel Stevens

“I’ve been going to Steve’s TRX classes for several years now and I couldn’t recommend him enough. His classes are varied, full of encouragement. Don’t be put off by being outside either as after you’ve warmed up you don’t even notice the weather. I’ve been a much stronger and fitter person since I started these classes.”

Craig Fleming

“Great coaching, great bunch of people and a nice way to exercise and escape from the gym. Highly recommended!”

Faye Bowden

“I’ve been doing Trx outside now for almost a year and can honestly say I prefer being outside to being in a gym. Stephen is a great trainer, I have a terrible memory for all the positions and he never makes you feel awkward . He’s also really attentive and makes sure you get the most out of the session. I wish I could do more, but have been amazed by the results from going just once a week . Highly recommend, come along and give it a go.”

Howard Glynn

“I picked up on TRX with Stephen thru my Triathlon club in the middle of Summer, and loved it from the first class. It's different, challenging but very achievable and is helping me hit my health and fitness goals.


I'd recommend it for those looking for something different.Stephen is an excellent tutor, patient, but pushing you on realistically rather than going crazy. Technically he has been spot on and I know that is helping me as well, and his certified status with TRX must be part of that.I've enhanced my capability and strength with his help and seen visible body improvements.


I've stuck with his class, enjoy his approach and advice and will continue to do so in the future, including hopefully sorting out some sports massage. I'm very confident in Steve to help me hit my goals.”​

Emer Tilson

“I have been a client of Stephen's for nearly a year now, I use his personal training services and I attend his TRX classes.My fitness has greatly improved in this time, I have lost weight, decreased body fat, improved my posture and I am much more toned. I have always struggled to tone my arms and the bingo wings are now gone!


Previously I would get bored with work outs and classes but Stephen's TRX classes are never the same and you notice an improvement and progress quickly.Stephen is a wonderful instructor, he is patient but pushes you and encourages you at the same time. His technical expertise ensures you are constantly progressing and his sessions are fun too.I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone.”​

Caylea Foster

“I began taking TRX classes with Stephen over the summer, and have seen great improvements in overall strength, flexibility, and body composition over the past 12 weeks.I have knee issues that have prevented me from lifting, squats or deadlifts, and I have found that using the TRX is a great alternative when dealing with injuries.


Stephen is a great instructor who is open to suggestions and has tailored classes to meet a specific agenda.I always feel challenged during and absolutely knackered afterwards! Would definitely recommend to any fitness enthusiasts looking for a new and challenging experience.”​

Sarah Franklin

I have been attending Stephen's TRX classes for the last 8 weeks (2 per week). In this short space of time I have seen amazing results. My core and my arms are much stronger and I have toned up.


I enjoy Stephen's classes, he is very motivating and encouraging. The classes are never the same and always fun.



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