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Sports and remedial massage is a deep treatment to loosen up tight muscles and break up adhesions in muscle fibres. With
a focus on restoring and maintaining full, muscular functionality, it can help you
to perform better and prevent injury.

Stephen is keen to discover the root
cause of any issues, and can advise on stretching, posture and exercise technique.


Lomi Lomi massage is renowned for
being one of the most relaxing styles of massage therapies available, and is based on a traditional Hawaiian technique.

This massage is all about long flowing strokes, using the forearms and hands
to apply soft and deep tissue massage.


Lomi Lomi can help to:

  • instil a sense of peace, calm
    and wellbeing

  • release tension

  • assist blood and lymph flow


Harmonic massage is a new massage therapy developed from osteopathy using the latest scientific understanding of muscle physiology to relieve stiffness
and tension.


Rhythmic movements lubricate muscles and joints keeping them loose and supple whilst also flushing out toxins. This creates an overall feeling of well being. These rhythmic movements help the brain to relearn the natural movement giving lasting health benefits between sessions.

This treatment can be performed fully-clothed.

Offering Mobile / Home Visit Massage Therapy in and around Edinburgh.

Treatments can be customised 
to your requirements using the above types of therapy.

Clients will be asked to provide a towel.

Click here for my current availability.

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