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Portobello, Edinburgh Outdoor Fitness Classes - Why I love them.

Of all the classes I have taught in my 20+ years in fitness, my Portobello ones are my favourites.

I think the magic is down to a few key things.


A lovely team of people who are so friendly and welcoming to each other and new guys.


With a stunning view of the sea, walls that offer some shelter from the wind and the option to still workout while it rains, we really are spoilt.


So often the temperature is warmer by the coast, and the Saturday morning class is so often, bathed in sunshine 🌞

The group classes I run in Porty are:

TRX Strong - 2x per week

TRX Fusion - 1x per week

TRX FREE Beginners Introduction - 2x per week

Classes are very different to a boot camp and many other outdoor offerings. I'd love to invite you to experience what we do!

Join our Portobello Booking Group and just shout with any questions!



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