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5 Ways OUTDOOR FITNESS CLASSES can make you invincible!

In my Edinburgh fitness classes and Personal Training business, I've had the pleasure of seeing so many clients grow and evolve, into stronger SUPERHUMANS. Some of this is down to a shift to exercising more outdoors! Here are some of the benefits:


1. Increased Mental Toughness

Exercising outdoors in all weathers, can train us to endure some physical hardship. When we are able to cultivate mental strength, it can carry over to success in other parts of your life. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


2. Improves Mood and Memory

Brain scans show that our normal brain state is very different outdoors than indoors. Indoors, where Brits now spend an average 93 percent of their time, our default state shows activation in the brain areas responsible for memory, language, and social interaction, and slightly leans toward negativity – which is why we’re more likely to engage in rumination, self-criticism, or worry indoors.


3. Strengthens the Immune System

Exercising outside in nature can provide stimulus for your body to protect itself from disease. Endless time spent inside can have the exact opposite effect.


4. It Reduces Stress and Makes Us Calmer

When outdoors our default brain state is closer to that of those that meditate. We are more aware of our surroundings and can experience less anxiety.


5. We Get Physically Stronger

In outdoor TRX classes, we can get all the benefits of increased strength, cardiovascular fitness and lowered risk of injury


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