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The top reasons people book Home Visit Sports Massage treatments with me

I have been offering Mobile Home Visit Sports Massage in Edinburgh since 2001. I recently asked some of my regular clients why it works for them.

'No time wasted travelling'.

'No hassles with childcare'.

'More resonable prices than the majority of venues'.

'No parking costs and no hassle finding a parking space'.

'Appointments are often available at unsociable hours'.

'Nice to have your own home space for the treatment'.

'You don't lose the relaxed feeling having to drive home'.

'It's handy Stephen is flexible, if I don't feel up for my PT session with him, he can often offer a Massage instead.'

'I like how the treatment can be a combination of treating a niggle and a relaxing massage, rolled into one'.

For more information, please visit my Massage Page.

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