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Why are you so bad at doing Home Workouts?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Home workouts can be such a great way to build or maintain your fitness. It might be your sole approach or something that compliments a sport or fitness class you attend.

Let's look at the benefits.

  • No time wasted travelling to the gym.

  • A truly private space.

  • It may be possible to train while looking after the kids.

  • More time to fit in extra workouts.

Where do people go wrong?

  • No plan

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Many folk just don't plan what they are going to do. Make a plan, even just a simple list of exercises for time or reps. Interval timers and apps can also be useful too.

  • Aiming too high

Don't think it has to be 60mins to be worthwhile. 60mins can seem to daunting and might mean you just don't do it. Even 10mins is worthwhile, and for beginners and a great way to start.

  • Not realising it takes time to build a habit.

Accept initially, it will be tough to keep going. Once the habit is in place and you start seeing results, you be flying and so glad you started!

  • Limited / wrong choice of equipment

While kitting out a spare room or garage with expensive equipment can be cool (if you choose carefully), a few simple pieces can make your Training 10x more effective.

Good choices might be a TRX Suspension Trainer, a couple of kettlebells, a powerband and a mat.

  • Not making time for it

As with most approaches to fitness the biggest reason for not exercising is lack of time. The best way around this is identifying where you waste large chunks of time. Freeing up time by not being glued to the TV and Facebook would be the first port of call.

I can promise you will be way happier after a workout, than after another two Game of Thrones episodes. You'll also push quicker towards your goals.

All this is fine and well in theory, you may need additional support. Having been a home visit Personal Trainer in Edinburgh for many years there are so many ways I can help.

One off sessions to help with a programme, a few sessions to set goals and get some accountability or a weekly booking to really speed things up.

Most importantly, get started!

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