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What I learned on the TRX Sports Medicine Course

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

The video shows me working hard on the TRX Sports Medicine Course in Edinburgh. TRX courses always assess us on both performing and coaching movements.

I definitely took alot away from this course, which I use and apply in both Personal Training and TRX Classes. Deeper thinking about programming, adjusting exercises for each individual and being able to deliver more value all around.

The course gave me more knowledge to:

👉Demonstrate and teach back course exercises and modifications

👉Implement appropriate TRX exercises and techniques for post-rehab clients through case scenario formats

👉Provide preventative exercise applications for common musculoskeletal injuries

👉Integrate exercises from the course into client’s training programs to build strength and reduce the chance of injuries

Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and helping even more new clients.

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